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Note: All music on this site is copyrighted to Lily Borne Publishing


Walter Klang is a an obscure musical group with a small and unenthusiastic fanbase that has been writing and recording music since 1991.

From 2001-2008 they recorded at Stone Turtle Studios in Austin, Texas. The studio is not really a specific place so much as the name given to a computer and some recording equipment. This site contains the music recorded at every one of those recording sessions.

Walter Klang consists of the following people:

  • Chad Himmel (guitar, bass, keyboard)
  • Mike (drums, percussion, keyboard)
  • Rob Nelson (bass, guitar, keyboard)

In addition the following people have been known to play with the group:

  • Will "Decibel" Burns
  • Andy "Man of Science and Adventure" Laska
  • Ken Nelson

It remains to be seen whether they will record more. Rob Nelson continues to make music as Kern Ramble.

Organization of Site

Follow the tabs at the top of the page from left to right:

  • The day we get together to play music is called a Day
  • Any particular piece is called a Recording and given a name
  • If we play something more than once it will likely turn into a Song
  • After we have played a lot of days, those days become a Session
  • When we have gathered enough songs together - we put them together to make an Album

For a brief overview of past misadventures read the History section

Contact: klangworks (at) gmail