Song: insecure

Name insecure
Move over fat man
There's only room for one
And you can never be safe
Because I weigh a ton

Step aside little boy
There's only room for me
Go away or run
Go hide behind a tree

When you lie in your bed
With a pillow to your chin
You can hear one airplane
Flying over your head
And that mean little girl
Who we know very well
By the hem of her skirt
Treats us like dirt

I walk on your sidewalk
Up to your window

Eaves shadow, leaves crackle
Fears tumble, sidewalks crumble
Windows shatter, tears matter
You can never be safe
Beds rattle
You can never be safe
You can never be safe

6 Recordings

insecure 2007-05-26 Vocals
insecure 2007-05-12
insecure 2007-03-24
Insecure 2007-03-17
insecure 2002-07-06
insecure 2002-06-22