Song world goes wrong

Name: world goes wrong
Album: Gamble
at first it could be just an afterthought
a trinket in a box put away
at first it is but then it happens
all of the world goes wrong

you thought you got along, got away with it
the luggage packed away in the hall
you thought you did but then you find that
all of the world's gone wrong

it's easy to be wrong, delude yourself
a curtain that's obscuring the view
it's hidden now but when it's pulled back
all of the world goes wrong
Recording Session Mixes
all the world goes wrong 2008-04-12 world_vocals.mp3
world goes wrong 2008-03-22 world goes wrong2.mp3
mistakes 2008-01-05 mistakes+vocals-08-01-05.mp3
mistakes 2007-11-10 mistakes.mp3
new addition 2004-03-13 new addition1.mp3
a new addition 2004-02-21 new addition_vocals.mp3
new addition-mumble.mp3
new addition.mp3